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The Communion

Monthly Communion Box

30 days of sacrifice and prayer

Every month you'll receive a custom curated cummunion box with 30 individual communion cups to help you dive deeper in your personal relationship with God.

Increase your faith and prayer life

With our monthly communion box, you'll find a indenibale increase in your walk of faith and relationship with God. As you devote and give the beginning of each day to God, you'll see the fruit of blessing and favor pour out onto your life.


"Taking communion every day has literally changed my life / mentality! It helps me focus on really the only thing that matters, God. And I look at it as I'm giving my entire day to him, every day. Basically start my way day off on the right foot!"

Marina Rose

"I never really thought of taking communion every day. But about a month ago I made this shift and it's been a HUGE blessing! Put God at the beginning of my day, before I even leave the house has been such an amazing thing for our relationship and I just feel myself growing closer to him everyday."


"I was going through a super rough patch recently, and I actually came across Modern Disciple on an IG ad. I wasn't really sure how this would help me, because I've never really thought of communion as a daily practice, but something in my spirit was saying to get it. So I did, and OH MY GOSH... there's just something about sacrificing first thing, right when you get up, your entire day to God. He has been working so many miracles in my life!"